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Kittie 'I've Failed You'

03/04/13 11:24AM

Kittie is a Canadian all female alternative metal band. The band was formed in London, Ontario in 1996 by sisters Mercedes and Morgan Lander. Since then the band have released six albums and three EPs.


  • Morgan Lander - Vocals, Guitar
  • Tara McLeod - Guitar
  • Ivana "Ivy" Vujic - Bass
  • Mercedes Lander - Drums, Vocals, Keyboards


  1. I've Failed You
  2. We Are The Lamb
  3. Whisper Of Death
  4. What Have I Done
  5. Empires (Part I)
  6. Empires (Part II)
  7. Come Undone
  8. Already Dead
  9. Never Come Home
  10. Ugly
  11. Time Never Heals


After listening to Kittie's latest album I've Failed You it's clear to see that the album is more of a mature piece than previous works. As ever the band's style is still very much in your face, with much focus on the enthuastic beating of the instruments to create a moreover thrash twist on the album's sound.

If you've never listened to Kittie before and you're expecting a lighter more, let's say feminine approach - it could be said you'll be pleasantly suprised. The album opens with the titletrack I've Failed You which is short and really something of a kick to your eardrums with cutthroat rasping growls, there's an oddly placed super short guitar solo in there which splices the song. I've Failed You is followed by another short song which is similar in sound. We Are The Lamb has a steady intro that carefully builds into the song before it follows in a similar vein to the previous track.

Whisper Of Death started with cutthroat growls and then crunched almost suddenly into clearer clean vocals. The cleaner vocals give melody to the thrash elements of the song. The continual switch between growls and clean vocals gives the song a greater flow. What Have I Done is slower than previous tracks and sees the use of clean vocals throughout. The vocal arrangements as well as the guitar pieces, however make the track slightly repetitive.

A first, as it would seem, for Kittie comes in Empires (Part I) which is an instrumental track but could be seen as more of an intro for Empires (Part II) which uses a good well-balanced combination of clean vocals and growls. There a nice little guitar solo here too.

Next, has to be the best track on the album, Come Undone. Although the first half of the song is a large kick to your eardrums it's paired well with flat out harmonious melodies and rich vocals. Come Undone simply isn't long enough, but definitely shows the bucket loads of potiental that Kittie still have yet to exploit for want of a better word.
Going on to Already Dead it's like backtracking to the beginning of the album again. Never Come Home is a nice track to listen to, it's a bit slower in pace compared to the rest of the album and is something of a breather between in all the thrashing and screaming, nevertheless Ugly reminds us they're not finished yet and is almost and all out effort to top all the growls throughout the album.

The album closes with Time Never Heals - a slower, widely paced track - and finishes on a nice calmer note. Overall, I've Failed You on a whole has to be one of Kittie's better albums, but I fear they're just one of those bands that I'll never be able to get into.

Highlights: Whisper Of Death, Empires (PartII), Come Undone


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Author: Tayla Dickinson


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